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Flexibler ausziehbarer Skateradförderer für die Materialhandhabung

  • Fc


FC Series Flexible Expandable Skatewheels Conveyor

Gravity flexible expandable skatewheels conveyor is designed specially for handling of small and medium-size cartons/boxes. Complete steel structure is used for this conveyor. When laying out to according to complete expansion of single curve or composite curve, its structure remains integrated.

Conveying Surface

Steel wheels or plastic wheels are used for conveying surface. Width of  conveying surface is 450mm, 500mm or 600mm.

Skate Wheels

Yellow/blue/gray plastic skatewheels and steel skatewheels are provided with ball bearing.

plastic skate wheel

steel skatewheel

Specifications of FC Flexible Expandable Skatewheels Conveyor 

Model No. Units Length Width Height Load/unit Rollers/unit Qty of Legs Weight
FC-48-450×1 1 435-1235 450 800-1000 60 9 2 33
FC-48-450×2 2 870-2470
3 53
FC-48-450×3 3 1305-3705
4 72
FC-48-450×4 4 1740-4940 5 92
FC-48-450×5 5 2175-6175
6 112
FC-48-450×6 6 2610-7410 7 133

FC-48-500×1 1 435-1235 500 800-1000 60  9 2 35
FC-48-500×2 2 870-2470
3 54
FC-48-500×3 3 1305-3705
4 77
FC-48-500×4 4 1740-4940 5 94
FC-48-500×5 5 2175-6175
6 113
FC-48-500×6 6 2610-7410 7 134

FC-48-600×1 1 435-1235 600 800-1000 60  9 2 38
FC-48-600×2 2 870-2470
3 60
FC-48-600×3 3 1305-3705
4 82
FC-48-600×4 4 1740-4940 5 112
FC-48-600×5 5 2175-6175
6 124
FC-48-600×6 6 2610-7410 7 142

Model No. FC-48-500×4 Example


48-skate wheel diameter

500-transportation surface width

×4-four units

What is flexible expandable conveyor?

Flexible expandable conveyor is used to solve problems on transport in such complicated environment as warehousing, packing line and loading/ unloading etc, and can handle all sizes of boxed packages with flat bottom. 

It has an advantage over fixed conveyors in flexibility and movability. It makes skillful use of movement, expansion and compaction so that floor space required can be reduced remarkably.

This conveyor is a complete steel structure, with flexibility. And it can be laid out at your request.

Multiple flexible expandable conveyors can be connected together and can be expanded optionally to any length required.

Load Capacity

When complete expanding, load capacity per unit ( between support legs) is no more than 100kg ( in the state of no impact load.)


4" heavy-duty swivel castors are used. On two ends of flexible expandable conveyor, castors with brake are provided. They stand firmly when handling packages.

castor with brake

Joint Hooks

In order to extend conveying length, multiple flexible expandable conveyors can be connected together by use of joint hooks so as to reach a longer length of conveyance.

joint hooks

Product Photograph

skatewheel flexible conveyor

flexible skatewheel conveyor

flexible skatewheel conveyor



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